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Landmark Services Cooperative teams up to donate over 50,000 meals to families in need

Thanks to the generosity and caring nature of the employees along with matching funds from CoBank and Land O’Lakes, Landmark Services Cooperative was able to donate 50,581 meals to Second Harvest Foodbank through their NBC15 Share your Holidays campaign.

In their first year of partnering with Second Harvest Foodbank on this campaign, Landmark Services Cooperative far exceeded their campaign goal due large-in-part to the excellent employee involvement in various fundraising events they took part in.

Employees at all Landmark locations were given several opportunities over the course of the campaign to participate including a soup and dessert bake-off, a pie in the face contest, cow pie bingo, penny wars, food donations and much more.  Money raised from each of the events was donated to the campaign.

Through the generous donations by Landmark employees, they raised enough meals to feed 10 families for one year.  “Our Landmark team truly exceeded all my expectations with their generosity and big hearts during this campaign.  The impact their donations will have in our local communities is absolutely remarkable,” notes Landmark Services Cooperative CEO, Robert Carlson.

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Second Harvest

During the holiday season nothing makes me feel better than helping those in need.  That’s why I couldn’t have been more excited when I learned that Landmark partnered this year with Second Harvest Foodbank and the NBC 15 Share your Holiday’s campaign to help local families in need. 


In the preliminary meetings of our committee we knew we had an opportunity to make a HUGE impact throughout our entire organization and the communities we serve if we came up with just the right activities for our employees to get involved with.


So, after numerous pots of coffee, a bit of research and some collaborative brainstorming, our committee came up with several activities for employees to participate over the course of the campaign. 
The activities, albeit a bit ‘off-the-wall’ if you will, truly captured the excitement, big hearts and generous nature of the Landmark team.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good game of “Cow Pie Bingo,” seeing a “Pie in the Face” of one of our team members, having a friendly “Cook-off Contest,” or seeing your “CEO do something extraordinary” if your company meets their giving goal?!
All details aside, let’s get down to the brass tacks of how truly amazing and generous our employees are.  Over the course of the 1-month campaign, through the aforementioned activities, a food drive, a generous Landmark donation and matching funds from our partners at Co-Bank and Land O’Lakes we were able to donate 50,581meals to Second Harvest Foodbank and the NBC 15 Share your Holiday’s campaign!  You guessed it– that translates to enough meals to feed 10 families for one year.  How amazing is that? 
In our first year of participating in this program, I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a team who truly opens their hearts, unselfishly gives, and whole-heartedly cares about helping our communities.  So, from the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU.  Thank you to our employees for their generosity.  Thank you to our management team for allowing our ‘off-the-wall’ ideas to be put into action.  Thank you to our partners for their matching funds.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this entire campaign happen.  Simply put, THANK YOU!


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Partners, Planning and Profit

This growing season has been a wild ride, from shockingly low corn prices to incredibly high yields and surprising weather all year long- and a huge spurt in innovation across the industry. What worked? What didn’t? What would you change if you could, and how can you use this to make sure your future is stable?

If you followed the prescription of your agronomist to the letter, I bet you saw great yield. In a market like this one, all you have to hang your hat on is yield, and hope that yield will cover the cost of operating and give you some left over. If you didn’t use all the tools in the box, and went mediocre- you probably saved money on inputs but got a less than desirable yield, leaving you with little to no wiggle room.
Your grain marketers should be your best friend right about now. Between your agronomist and your grain go-to person, you should have both on speed dial. Why wouldn’t you use the people that exist to make you profitable? Think about it- if you’re not profitable, Landmark isn’t profitable. We are a cooperative- partnerships are the reason we were formed- over 85 years ago.



Speaking of partners, have you  Heard of Innovation Edge Test Plots? Probably not- it was “Top Secret.” Landmark stuck their innovative neck out and tried prescriptions, products and seed to test their “promise” in the types of conditions our growers face so they could  prove out these inputs. Why? So our team could go to the farm gate with 100% confidence that what they are recommending will work. Our team eats, breathes, lives and sleeps YOUR profitability- if it isn’t going to make you money, they are not going to recommend it. Now THAT is a true partnership.

Check out the InnovationEDGE test plot Curry Seed trial results. Pretty interesting and a bit exciting to think that we have the ability to reach 300 bushel.


Without proper planning, you will get poor performance. Plan ahead for 2015- set goals, get your farm plan together and work with Verity for your financial needs.
0% Seed financing for a year and competitive rates on equipment, farm input and real estate loans.

Call your agronomist and get your inputs ordered- get your yield goals set and above all else, dream of a profitable year.


Trust Landmark to work with you and help you remain profitable. Our toolbox gets bigger every year with tools to help you stay strong, and our team gets bigger too- and their priority is to keep you doing what you love not just for today but for future generations.


Happy Holidays- get planning for profits for 2015!
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Curry Seed Outperforms

Landmark is excited to offer four new seed trait packages to their long-standing lineup of seeds in 2015. These new seed trait packages have different base germplasm than other seed available in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, giving growers additional options for reducing risk and reaching 300 bushels per year.

“Planting a diverse variety of seeds is important to prevent putting all your eggs in one basket,” says Joe Slosarczyk, agronomist and certified crop advisor with Landmark Services Cooperative. “When selecting seeds, look for a diverse portfolio that gives you options in genetics, traits and germplasm base. With our new partnership, Landmark Services Cooperative has the most diverse portfolio in our trade territory.”

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Landmark Offers Financial Solutions to Farmers

Verity Business Solutions, LLC powered by Landmark is new and improved  

Landmark Services Cooperative has been helping farmers grow since 1933. Through agronomy, animal nutrition, energy & retail services and grain, Landmark provides products and services to help members remain profitable.


In alignment with Landmark’s mission statement of enhancing producers’ profitability and exceeding customer expectations, Verity Business Solutions, LLC was born. Landmark leadership sought out member feedback through various focus groups and surveys and realized the potential to bring more value to the farm gate by expanding their offerings to include financial loan products and farm management consulting. They heard loud and clear what was keeping farmers up at night, and what challenges farmers are facing. In true cooperative fashion, Landmark set out to help.


Landmark’s CEO, Bob Carlson states, “Our team wakes up each day asking the question, ‘how can I help’? Verity Business Solutions, LLC is yet another way to help our team help their customers do what they do even better. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to live our core purpose which is helping farmers grow, through Verity Business Solutions, LLC.


Verity Business Solutions, LLC exists to provide innovative risk management solutions that will keep members financially strong for future generations. Their business plan is comprised of three components:

  1. ) Financial Instruments
  2. ) Insurance
  3. ) Human Resources and Safety consulting and training on farm


Through these offerings, Verity’s main focus is to bring solutions to the farmer that ensures a legacy and overall health for generations to come.


Farming smart starts with an overall financial health, a vision for the future, plus collaboration and partnership with experts. Landmark has a team of qualified experts in Verity Business Solutions, LLC that are excited and ready to make a difference to help members achieve their goals.


Hans Pflieger, Vice President of Verity Business Solutions, LLC says it best, “Our team has local agriculture experience, over six decades of being on the farm everyday of their lives. They have a passion for helping farmers and an intense understanding of how farmers do business. Verity Business Solutions, LLC isn’t a corporate bank, and it isn’t a cookie cutter homogenized business. It is a relationship-powered, flexible, customizable approach to helping farmers grow.”


For more information on Verity Business Solutions, LLC, or Landmark Services Cooperative, call 1.800.236.FARM (3276).


Verity Staff WEB

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State-of-the-art grain rail terminal open for 2014 harvest

Landmark Services Cooperative announces the opening of their new Grain Rail Facility in Fall River, Wis. Grain growers can now market their grain quickly and efficiently at this new location.

“The Fall River Rail Terminal is a game-changer is the industry,” says Bob Carlson, chief executive officer for Landmark Services Cooperative. “It is built to perform to be efficient and provide benefits in speed, space and markets to Midwest grain growers. True to its vision, the facility is lightning fast, efficient and steeped in technology and innovation.”

In addition to a nearly $6.575 million investment in the local community, the facility provides a local solution to feeding a growing world, through benefits in speed, space and markets.

Speed: With new technologies and a customized layout incorporated into the facility, grain haulers will be in and out in less than 10 minutes. A CompuWeigh system scans an RFID tag on each grain load when it enters the facility. Each load is then weighed and probed before being unloaded into one of three pits.

“This facility includes a streamlined, computerized system all based on speed,” says Doug Cropp, vice president grain for Landmark Services Cooperative. “We have capacity to receive about 40 semi-trucks per hour and then load 100 to 110 rail cars in eight hours or less. It’s all automated to get the farmer back into the field as quickly as possible.”

Space: The Fall River facility sits on 188 acres with capacity to hold up to 4.65 million bushels of grain and to market 15 to 25 million bushels of grain annually. Silo capacity is roughly 880,000 bushels, two covered ground piles can hold 1.5 million bushels and a steel bin holds an additional 737,000 bushels.

“With the growing yields, we needed to have space to hold the grain,” Cropp adds. “During harvest, we are able to bring in wet corn, dry corn and beans and put each in its own location to be stored and marketed at the best economic time.”

Markets: A 110-car rail system is built into the facility to open access to markets across North America. Located on the Canadian Pacific Rail Line, grain can be marketed easily, helping growers secure optimal prices.

“Having access to rail opens new markets for us,” Cropp says. “About 360,000 bushels of corn can be transported each day through the rail system. These trains can bring the corn to additional markets, moving in and out of the facility seamlessly.”


Grand opening celebrated

The new state-of-the-art facility was celebrated with a grand opening celebration on Aug. 28 and the first loads of grain on Aug. 29. More than 300 industry leaders, cooperative members and guests gathered for the grand opening of the Fall River facility, the second facility of its kind in Wisconsin, just 14 months after ground was broken in Columbia County.

Ben Brancel, Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture said this new facility is a win for Wisconsin agriculture.

“This facility will benefit the farmers of Wisconsin and will provide future marketing opportunities of state commodities,” he said. “Storing and marketing grain for assured delivery is a huge value for Landmark and it returns the investment to the farmer members who oversee the crop.”

Area grain growers will benefit from the new facility, with grain contracts already in place.

“We look forward to helping grain growers market their grain from this new state-of-the-art facility, starting with this fall’s harvest,” Carlson said. “We could not be more proud of this new facility and the opportunities it will provide to our members, our communities and, ultimately, the world.”

Grain growers can contract their 2014 grain and beyond with the new Landmark Fall River Grain Rail Terminal today. Visit or call (608) 819-3475 for more information.

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You won’t have time for a cup of coffee, sorry!

Grain harvest is coming quicker than we think. In about 4-6 weeks, the big harvest push will be on, and in most small and big towns alike, you could see lines of trucks waiting to unload at the local grain elevator.


Not at Landmark’s Evansville Grain Terminal, nor at the Fall River Rail Terminal. Grain Haulers will be in and out in about four minutes, definitely not enough time to have a cup of coffee and enjoy local neighborhood banter.

The Fall River Rail Terminal is open for business, and started taking loads of grain on August 29th. Built to perform to be efficient, true to the vision, it is lightning fast, seriously efficient and unbelievably steeped in technology and innovation.

Compu-Weigh scales and an RFID card reader means the grain hauler never leaves the truck. A loop rail system with capacity for 125 rail cars and storage for over 4.65 million bushels means Landmark has the ability to store and market grain for the best prices, and get grain to various markets enabling premium pricing.

The Fall River Rail Terminal is a game-changer is the industry. With over 85 years of experience, a passionate leadership team and the technology to answer the call of speed, space and markets, this state-of-the-art grain terminal wins, hands down.

If you think you want a cup of coffee, call Doug Cropp–he will talk grain marketing over coffee all day long!

Doug Cropp, Executive VP Grain

Additional information on the Fall River Rail Terminal can be found in the Wisconsin State Farmer, The Country Today and The Portage Daily Register.

Doug Cropp discusses the new Fall River Rail Terminal in the Landmark Lesson with Pam Jahnke!

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Can your CORN handle the pressure?

Pressure and stress….two things we don’t want in our own lives, and certainly don’t want it in our crops’ lives either! Giving your crops a preventative shot of fungicide, helps ensure you are maximizing the yield potential.

I spoke with Mike Hopke, Agronomist here at Landmark, and he explained fungicide and the WHY everyone should be using it!


“Weather conditions this growing season have created the perfect storm for harboring diseases. Wet spring and early summer, high winds and hail damage to plants, is a recipe for stress and fungus.” Fungus and disease attack leaf and stalk tissue, taking away the potential for those affected plants to produce grain. Using an aerial fungicide protects your maximum potential.”

Hopke also stated “We are truly set up for an excellent year as far as yield goes.”


The cost is relatively small compared to what you stand to gain. Although applying fungicide won’t increase bushels, it will definitely decrease loss. Stressed corn doesn’t produce grain, healthy plants do. Isn’t the goal more corn?

Everybody wants PILES of grain, right? Smells like profit…

This is Mike Hopke– he specializes in aerial fungicide application and prescriptions to keep you profitable. Learn more on aerial fungicide application in this week’s Landmark Lesson!

Cassandra Strommen

Cassandra Strommen, VP Marketing Development of Landmark is no stranger to agriculture. Strommen worked in Animal Nutrition for five years prior to her current role with Landmark. She has a passion for cows and all things agribusiness. If you’d like to get in touch with her, she can be reached at

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