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Mold, a Corny Story of Unwanted Spores

When it comes to corn, cultural diversity is not a good thing.

I love cultural diversity, I love different cultures and learning about places far, far away. I love history. I have never ever once in my life thought that cultural diversity wasn’t fascinating and somewhat necessary. Today, I feel like my world and sense of all that is enriching for human existence has been turned on its “ear.” Ok, ok, so I am being a bit dramatic, and my puns are mediocre at best, but there is a point to this rant.


I am talking about mold. In your bin. On your corn. YUK! I know it’s “corny” but all things considered, your grain bin is the last place you want to find diverse kernels of corn. I like to think that we should always invite everyone to the party, but when mold shows up, he isn’t the best guest. He brings nothing but spores, and more spores, contaminating the whole party. Talk about a social epidemic. Seriously, check your bin for party crashers, you might be surprised to find you have the mold epidemic!

So who invited the mold spore family named aspergillus? Here is the scoop, straight from Joe Speich, resident agronomist, “It’s naturally present everywhere, it is an opportunist mold. It was a cold winter, with a not so normal spring, and then we jumped right into a warm, humid late spring. Natural condensation happens, creating a perfect environment for mold spores to ignite. Once they ignite, it’s like a fire, they proliferate or reproduce very rapidly.”

So what’s the moral of the story? An empty bin can’t throw a mold party…move your corn to market, call Landmark grain to get the best price. After you sell your corn to Landmark, take your spouse out for date night and celebrate. Have a party, be culturally diverse, with the exclusion being aspergillus!

Cassandra Strommen

Cassandra Strommen, VP Marketing Development of Landmark is no stranger to agriculture. Strommen worked in Animal Nutrition for five years prior to her current role with Landmark. She has a passion for cows and all things agribusiness. If you’d like to get in touch with her, she can be reached at

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Heat Abatement isn’t just for cows

Did you know…dairy farmers take great measures to ensure their cows are comfortable and in proper condition to withstand the heat they experience during the hot summer months. Likewise, not only the farmers that care for those cows but all homeowner’s should take the appropriate measures now to ensure their home comfort systems are also prepared for the summer heat. That’s right, heat abatement doesn’t just affect cows.

Landmark HVAC are experts in ensuring your home comfort after a long day in the heat. Now is the time to contact them for your air conditioner tune-up. This year is more important than ever to get your air conditioner tuned up, following last years extended run-time which made units more dirty than in past years. Those conditions resulted in lower efficiency making it all the more important to get them cleaned and tuned to have them running at their full potential.

Not only is air conditioner tune-up important this time of year, taking care of humidity in the home is equally as important. By installing a humidifier it not only keeps families comfortable during humid conditions, but also helps to keep mold and mildew out of basements. The efficiency of this system is second to none. At a mere $.27/day, this machine outshines most others on the market.

Although the summer is hot and humid, it’s time to start thinking about helping out our neighbors in
need this fall season. Landmark is again partnering in the Heat UP Wisconsin program to provide a very deserving family with a new furnace heading into the winter season. Nominations can be submitted here.


The Landmark team is dedicated to being involved in the community–this is very evident as the team looks forward to the Heat UP Wisconsin event each year. October will mark the 4th year that Landmark HVAC has participated in this very noble cause.

Learn more about Landmark HVAC here or call 1.608.251.9010.

Tom Krausse is Landmark’s Vice President of HVAC. With over 25 years of industry involvement, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the heating and cooling industry.

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