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Curry Seed Outperforms

Landmark is excited to offer four new seed trait packages to their long-standing lineup of seeds in 2015. These new seed trait packages have different base germplasm than other seed available in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, giving growers additional options for reducing risk and reaching 300 bushels per year.

“Planting a diverse variety of seeds is important to prevent putting all your eggs in one basket,” says Joe Slosarczyk, agronomist and certified crop advisor with Landmark Services Cooperative. “When selecting seeds, look for a diverse portfolio that gives you options in genetics, traits and germplasm base. With our new partnership, Landmark Services Cooperative has the most diverse portfolio in our trade territory.”

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Landmark Offers Financial Solutions to Farmers

Verity Business Solutions, LLC powered by Landmark is new and improved  

Landmark Services Cooperative has been helping farmers grow since 1933. Through agronomy, animal nutrition, energy & retail services and grain, Landmark provides products and services to help members remain profitable.


In alignment with Landmark’s mission statement of enhancing producers’ profitability and exceeding customer expectations, Verity Business Solutions, LLC was born. Landmark leadership sought out member feedback through various focus groups and surveys and realized the potential to bring more value to the farm gate by expanding their offerings to include financial loan products and farm management consulting. They heard loud and clear what was keeping farmers up at night, and what challenges farmers are facing. In true cooperative fashion, Landmark set out to help.


Landmark’s CEO, Bob Carlson states, “Our team wakes up each day asking the question, ‘how can I help’? Verity Business Solutions, LLC is yet another way to help our team help their customers do what they do even better. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to live our core purpose which is helping farmers grow, through Verity Business Solutions, LLC.


Verity Business Solutions, LLC exists to provide innovative risk management solutions that will keep members financially strong for future generations. Their business plan is comprised of three components:

  1. ) Financial Instruments
  2. ) Insurance
  3. ) Human Resources and Safety consulting and training on farm


Through these offerings, Verity’s main focus is to bring solutions to the farmer that ensures a legacy and overall health for generations to come.


Farming smart starts with an overall financial health, a vision for the future, plus collaboration and partnership with experts. Landmark has a team of qualified experts in Verity Business Solutions, LLC that are excited and ready to make a difference to help members achieve their goals.


Hans Pflieger, Vice President of Verity Business Solutions, LLC says it best, “Our team has local agriculture experience, over six decades of being on the farm everyday of their lives. They have a passion for helping farmers and an intense understanding of how farmers do business. Verity Business Solutions, LLC isn’t a corporate bank, and it isn’t a cookie cutter homogenized business. It is a relationship-powered, flexible, customizable approach to helping farmers grow.”


For more information on Verity Business Solutions, LLC, or Landmark Services Cooperative, call 1.800.236.FARM (3276).


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