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Message from Board Chairman, John Blaska

Greetings Landmark Members,

It’s with bittersweet emotion that I inform you that Robert Carlson Jr., former CEO of Landmark Services Cooperative, has resigned, and the Board of Directors has accepted Bob’s resignation effective immediately.

The Landmark Team would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for all his contributions to Landmark’s success over the many years he’s served as our CEO, and wish him only the best in his future endeavors.  Bob has made a positive impact to the overall culture at Landmark, and his contributions will always have a place in Landmark’s history.

The process of hiring a new CEO will begin immediately.  To guide our internal team, Mike Elder, current Chief Operating Officer, will take on the role of CEO in the interim.

During this transition period, our commitment to our members and customers will not waiver.  The Landmark Team is dedicated to continue to serve you with professionalism while providing and delivering quality products and services.  Our focus will remain in creating value for our members, and keeping your cooperative financially strong while exceeding expectations through the Landmark experience.

All questions can be directed to Mike Elder or myself.

Thank you for your valued and continued business, and strong commitment to Landmark.

Thank you,

John Blaska
Board Chairman
Landmark Services Cooperative


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Calf X 18% Starter Feed

Calf X 18% Starter combines research based technologies in a palatable texturized calf starter to enhance rumen development, immune system response and performance.

  • Cleaned whole shell corn is used in the starter to reduce fines, improve palatability, and enhance rumen health.
    • Young calves through chewing do an exceptional job of processing and utilizing whole corn.
    • The slower digestion of whole corn has been shown in research to lead to a healthier rumen by maintaining a higher rumen pH than steamed flaked corn.
  • Essential fatty acid profile provided through NeoTec improves rumen development and calf performance.
    • Average daily gains and feed efficiency improved by 10% with NeoTec
    • Scouring reduced by 20%
  • Refined functional carbohydrates in Celmanax help raise healthier calves
    • Decrease medical costs and mortality by binding harmful pathogens, like Salmonella or E. coli, helping to prevent crypto attachment and reducing recovery time.
    • Improve calf health so they can better withstand challenges, including those caused by mycotoxins
  • Improved bioavailability of trace minerals to enhance calf health through improved immune function
    • Availa Plus contains a unique combination of complexed zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt, plus potassium iodide.
    • Sel-Plex organic selenium is an essential trace mineral for maintenance of health, growth, fertility, muscular and neuromuscular function.
  • Bovatec effectively controls coccidiosis and increases rate of weight gain and feed efficiency.
  • High quality protein sources based on sufficient essential amino acids to optimize growth and development of young calves.
  • Unique flavor application method is used to improve feed consumption and encourage starter intake and performance.
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